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ChatGPT - The AI-model to get you through schoolwork(?)

Year - 2023
Skills - Research | Copywriting | Design
Client - Kim De Vidts | Erasmus Brussels University
Partners - None

As life becomes increasingly more influenced by computers and AI, we see this phenomenon emerging in schools and among students as well. How can we maintain harmony in the midst of this? The strategy of a study on this topic is compiled in this report, written by me, in co-creation with ChatGPT.

"How can the integration of large language models like ChatGPT enhance the report writing process for students, and what are the implications for student learning outcomes and collaboration?"


As a student at Erasmus University Brussels, I was assigned to write a hypothetical research paper on a recent innovation, from a relativistic and critical perspective. Since ChatGPT came out two months before the briefing and the technology assisted me through some school work, the topic was swiftly determined.

As a final result, I created a report that guides potential researchers interested in this topic to conduct a streamlined study of the synergy between students and LLMs. The simplistic design makes the somewhat more serious report convenient to read and inviting.

Do you want to read the full paper? Shoot me a message!


While writing this hypothetical research paper, ChatGPT was used to write parts of the report. Despite there was no actual research to be conducted, I did this out of personal interest and curiosity. The writing of ChatGPT is in orange features a superscript at the end which refers to the question that was asked to obtain this text.

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