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Momentum - Designing meaningful moments, together

Year - 2023
Skills - Consultancy | Research
Client - Momentum
Partners - Oscar Rits | Achilles Design

Rituals are the unique and recurring moments that shape an organization's identity. Momentum helps these organizations improve and create new rituals to enhance its culture.

As a starting company, Momentum was looking for the underlying structures that could make their work more efficient. These workflows should also ensure that, despite the organic form of creating rituals, progress is clearly tracked for clients.


Momentum is a Belgian start-up that improves and creates company rituals with a focus on an organization's culture and goals.

The RITUAL-compass is a tool for Momentum to make it easy for a new client to see what kind of company rituals they have. After filling out a questionnaire, you will receive a report in return detailing what your organizations rituals currently look like. Do they lean more toward having fun, or more towards achieving goals?
As a result, organizations immediately know where they stand with their rituals and Momentum can guide them from this starting point to the desired situation.

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Among a number of other results, we - Oscar Rits and I - created the BERIO-structure and the RITUAL-compass.

The BERIO-structure is a reference point for Momentum to visualize their process. This way, both Momentum and the client know what stage they are in.
BERIO is a Dutch structure and stands for "Bewustmaken, Evalueren, (Re)designen, Implementeren, Opvolgen". In English, this translates to "Creating Awareness, Evaluating, (Re)designing, Implementing, Monitoring." This methodology can be applied in many different fields as a clear process to address your next challenge.

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