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Pheromonia - Be open for every connection coming your way

Year - 2023
Skills - Concept | Research | Copywriting | Design
Client - Kate Stockman | Erasmus Brussels University
Partners - Joyce Yelapeha Asumani | Lenny Mario Caresia | Indy De Mulder

While dating used to be a dynamic dance, lots of connection and energy, dating today is just a static swipe. We have gone from a flow to a rhythm - an algorithm. Pheromonia proposes a vision of the future where dating is approached from a holistic way in a festive atmosphere.

Digital is taking over dating causing the magic to disappear. Entertainment creates a distorted view of love. Loneliness rises to the top in addition to this.... Based on these contemporary challenges in dating, we delved further.


For our Trend Implementation course in in my Idea & Innovation Management degree, we received the assignment to create a trend-based future vision of a contemporary topic. The question "What will dating look like in 2030?" stood out to us.

Despite the outcome of a futuristic and future-proof concept called Pheromonia, the report rather serves as a river of inspiration. The great heap of research and insights from a youthful group on the future of dating provides a source of elements on which to base a new concept. Packed with information and insights, the lighthearted report makes for a fun read or the perfect addition to your coffee table book collection.

Do you want to read the full paper? Shoot me a message!


Pheromonia is a one-day festival where you are guided to your date by the power of pheromones. Connection, in every way of the word, can be found there in abundance. Upon entering the festival, you fill out a questionnaire indicating who you are as a person and what kind of connection you are looking for. Dating there happens naturally, with a nudge from AI.

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