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yaldo - Experiences worth sharing

Year - 2022 (ongoing)
Skills - Concept | Branding | UX | UI
Client - Independent project
Partners - Jari Miers | Axel Lemmens | Andy Callens

yaldo is a digital platform and application where you can discover and book unique at-home experiences to energize your life. Emerging from these experiences are the stories you'll tell to your grandchildren in front of the fireplace. The concept, identity and philosophy are a sum of our team.

This phenomenon must be addressed. With yaldo, we set out to start the dedigitalization and make our lives that little bit more special.


The digital pulls us apart. While we used to meet with our friends in real life, a meeting is now facilitated by Zoom or FaceTime. Despite the endless connections the digital can offer us, we are increasingly becoming more isolated.

With a focus on usability and efficiency, yaldo is designed to minimize the amount of time you have to spend on the platform. After finding an experience, you can book it in a few clicks and immediately invite your friends through the platform. This way you can put down your cell phone faster, and enjoy real life. Make life an experience.

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yaldo is an all-in-one platform where you can discover and book unique at-home experiences. The endless search for a fun activity for next Friday night with your friends no longer exists. A comedian in your living room roasting all of your friends. A detective arriving at your house to help solve a murder. The full Vegas casino experience taking place in your living room. The crazier the experience, the more memorable.

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